10 Ways to Find Ideas to Write a New Blog Post

We do not stop listening that content is king. That’s why every time we have to generate and disseminate more flashy, brighter content to surprise our readers. Write posts for your blog, generate infographics, edit videos for Youtube, share everything on social networks … everything you need, because we know that it is necessary to feed Google and have him happy, so that he treats us well.

The search engine, values ​​above all the quality content and user experience of our website. But sometimes, it costs us the inspiration  to find ideas to write a good post.

Other times directly do not arise, or simply, we are a thousand things and do not have time to write a post of 2,000 words … on the other hand … it is not always necessary to write such long posts.

Fresh content for my website like Find ideas to write on my blog

Anyway, there are two questions that I will try to answer in this post.

  • What can I write on my blog and how to find themes for my posts.
  • How to publish quality content when I do not have time to generate it

Companies that have their online strategy as a priority must create content, and the people in charge of doing so are often pressured by the need to publish and update the blog very frequently. But I have some tactics to find ideas to write on my blog and so I can develop them to generate fresh content. In addition, some of these keys will help you when all that content can not be created by yourself.

10 Ways to Find Inspiration to Post to New Blog

Here are my most used tactics to publish when I have little time, I am lacking in ideas or I just do a little uphill to face a blank page.

1. Reuse old posts with themes and updated content

This is a very good method to reposition old posts that have lost visits. In the eyes of Google is a good thing, because it considers that you update your blog and therefore you are concerned about offering good content to your readers. In Innokabi, we try from time to time to rescue some of the posts that we have poorly positioned, that have not worked as expected or simply that they are old and we are no longer happy with the content they offer.


You can see a real case that I wrote in May about how to improve a post to move from position 102 to position 3 in 14 days .

Position 3 Customer Journey Map on May 25, 2015 for customer journey map 2

In this case, applying a few simple SEO techniques, we achieved the goal of repositioning an old post and getting from page 11 in Google to position 3 on the first page, for the selected keywords; ” Customer journey map ”

Could we have placed a new post for those keywords, in position 3 in such a short time? I do not think so, at least not with such simple techniques available to anyone. So what is the key? Surely the post already had an authority, because in his day he was well positioned.

In my opinion, reediting old posts, is one of the keys to launch your blog to a next level. Although logically, it depends on the post. There are posts from my beginnings that I would not dare to see the light again unless there was not a single word of the old … 😉 But even in that case, it would make sense to dedicate one morning and reissue it, improve the keywords, the content, photos, etc.

If you dare to reedit old posts, it is interesting to be able to prioritize those that are more interesting. Google Analytics and Search Console will tell you which posts are deriving more traffic to your website. Those posts should take care of them like gold in cloth … and analyzing those data, you will be able to see which posts are not behaving as they should.

2. Talks and conferences

The talks and conferences we attend are also a source of inspiration. In fact, many of the conferences we do end up turned into blog posts, so the effort to prepare a specific talk, most of the time can be used to develop one or more posts on that topic.

Another source to generate content based on the talks and conferences, are the presentations themselves. Hanging your presentations on Slideshare is another method to attract visitors looking for material related to your talk.

The other source of inspiration, how could it be otherwise, is to attend talks by other professionals in the sector or other sectors that deal with interesting topics. In addition to always learning something new, it is very easy to find ideas to generate new and quality content in your blog.

3. Networkings

Going to networkings is another very interesting way to find ideas to write on my blog, because you can talk with different people, with problems and concerns different from yours and that also move in sectors and environments far from your field. This may lead you to reedit old posts, retake items that we have left in the inkwell and so, take advantage of the effort we did in your day or write new content with fresh ideas in your blog.

Keep your ears wide open, proactive spirit, do not try to sell if not simply help, they are key to take full advantage of this type of meetings. Sometimes establishing a couple of interesting contacts and getting another pair of interesting ideas for your website, is more than enough reward.

In addition, to count your experience going to this type of events, can be a good idea for a post of your blog. Counting cases and own experiences, in general, require less preparation and time, than developing other types of posts about methodology, technology or step-by-step guides.


4. Other blogs as a source of inspiration

Logically speaking we are looking for inspiration, not to copy content from other websites, because this is not an option … although there are those who do it, without asking permission and copying you word for word.

Copying content is dangerous, because sometimes the post of the web that has copied you is better positioned than your own. But avoiding it is very simple … thanks to one of the best Google tools for webmasters; Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools).


As you know, when you post a new post on your website, a new URL is generated. This new address is the one that contains the original content, therefore, it is necessary to tell Google to index it as soon as possible. If not, Google can throw a few hours until it does and we want speed.

The solution is to index the new post of your blog in minutes

Once the post is published, the first thing is to open Search Console. Of course, you have to be registered. For this, I leave this excellent tutorial of Search Console , on the website of Miguel Angel Florido , written by Jesus Pernas . It will guide you step by step in the process of configuring the tool.

Search Console explore how Google prevent you from copying content from your website Find ideas to write on my blog 2

In my case, for example, if I wanted to re-index the post of how to pass a post to position 3 from position 102 in Google, with the following URL:

What you would do is copy and paste only the final part of the URL, without http://innokabi.com , that is:

And paste it in the upper Search Console box, as seen in the previous image.

Once done we can click on “Get” or “Get and process”

Get: It returns the HTTP response of the download along with the code that Google receives.

Obtain and process: It returns the same as in the previous case, but also the image of how the user sees it on its screen.

In my case, I usually choose “Get”.

Once clicked, a new line is added with the URL that we just entered and the send button appears to the index. We click on send to the index and a window appears with two options: “only trace this URL” and “track this URL and its direct links.”

I click on the second, so that I track everything.

Once this is done, which can cost us about 1 minute, we already have our post indexed in the first place. From here, the website that copies and pastes our content, in the eyes of Google, will be copying it to us.

As a complement, I also post the post as soon as possible on Google Plus , and on my other major social networks: Twitter and Linkedin .

With this, we can not prevent other websites from copying content, but if we are telling Google, that content is ours and that those who copy are others.

Well, once this is done, we will see how we can publish good content, inspiring us on other websites that also do it.

Undoubtedly the simplest method to be informed of where the publications that interest you most move is to subscribe to their newsletters .

Going back to the subject, being aware of what other bloggers or reference websites publish allows you several things:

  • Be informed.
  • Know the interests of other professionals in the sector.
  • Collect ideas for future posts.
  • Since we are having a bad time and memory, the newsletter of the websites that interest you saves you time. You see in the mail the content of the post and if you are interested you agree and if this time, it is not for you, you let it pass.

In summary, the content published by other people is a great source of knowledge and ideas. In the comments of the post, you can leave your opinion, blogs that follow or what you consider appropriate.

5. Social networks quality and unlimited content for your blog

Nowadays, a great source of inspiration is to follow relevant accounts in your sector or of people or companies that publish quality content. In this sense, it is essential to locate those interesting accounts, to be aware of the news and publications.

In case you want to follow what we publish in Innokabi in their respective profiles of social networks: Twitter Innokabi , Google + Innokabi , Linkedin Innokabi and Facebook Innokabi .

In the case of social networks, it is easy to get inspiration with some of these ideas:

Follow the correct hastags . Those hastags related to your sector, with the content of your blog or simply those that can contribute interesting content.

Use the advanced search engine of the respective networks . For example, in this post by Victor Campuzano, he talks about the advanced Twitter search engine and how to use it.

Interact with followers . Interaction is a way of being connected and aware of what happens. Social networks allow you that and much more.

6. Publish a post or an infographic with recommendations from other people

As you know, in general we love lists. The best 15 photography app, 8 steps to launch your company to the market, the 13 best cities to start your business … that’s why posts with lists, steps or quotes from experts or relevant people in any field work well.

In your blog, it can be a good idea to locate interesting people to write a paragraph, with their opinion, recommendation or advice on a specific topic.


7. Translation of articles of other languages ​​as inspiration for yours

Again, I do not mean literally copying the translation of an article into another language, but taking it as inspiration. There are very good blogs in English especially, in almost any subject and it is very good to have the ones that interest you the most. To do this, a very good way is to subscribe to their Newsletters or spend time to see what they are publishing.

In the post about 6 tools to find niche markets , I also mentioned tools and blogs that can serve as inspiration.

8. Cure content

What is known as “curating content” is not the same as “copying content.” Curing content is to select content, news, articles or opinions that seem relevant to you and work them a little bit. Working a little bit means organizing that content, grouping it by theme, selecting what you like most about each one and generating new content based on all that information.

For example, you can make a comment about a news item, giving your opinion, what new ideas it raises, what you relate to it with or anything else that comes to mind. That is, you can take different news from your sector, select them by topic and write some posts always quoting the source, and contributing more than just a copy-paste of different articles.

9. Publish interviews with relevant people in your sector on your blog

In order to interview people, it is interesting to have established prior contact with these people. For this, networking is a key tool, and it does not always have to be face-to-face. It is possible to do online networking …


Interacting in social networks with other bloggers, entities or relevant companies in your sector.

Leaving comments on other blogs. I already commented in a previous post the benefits of leaving comments. If you read it you will have no excuse not to leave yours …

Responding to comments on your own blog.

Linking relevant and interesting articles from other people on your blog.

Trying to help, without expecting any reward.

With all this, it is easier, that little by little you acquire some confidence with other bloggers or interesting people to be able to interview and with it generate a very attractive content for your readers.

An interview interests for several reasons:

Telling personal experiences is the best way to engage your visitors.

If they are known people, it is interesting to know how they started, what opportunities they took advantage of and what mistakes they made.

From the experiences of other people, you always learn.

The question-answer format personally, I find it enjoyable to read.

They can be made in video or podcast format, providing different content to your blog.

Can you think of any other reason? Can you tell me in the comments?

10. Guest posts in your blog

Sometimes it is very interesting to use alliances, and collaborations with other bloggers. In this case, we talk about that another relevant person in the sector or for whatever reason, can provide quality and new content to your blog, write for you. Some of the most important advantages for both you and the invited person to publish on your blog.

Advantages for you: The other person contributes the content, will share the post in their social networks, attracting more traffic to your website and establish a link with that much stronger person.

Advantages for the guest: They reach an audience that otherwise would have been more difficult, with a quality article that allows to be known on the blog of another blogger.

I hope that this post has helped you get inspiration to publish interesting content on your blog and especially when you walk badly or the muses seem to have abandoned you.

Did you ever happened? What other tactics do you use to find inspiration to create content for your blog? Do you tell us your experiences about it? Leave your comment below.

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