8 Content Writing Tips for Beginners

Here is a list of 8 content writing tips to help you keep writing.

I made this list after reading the amount of questions I receive each week.

1 / To write a novel, you must already start by sitting down and writing!

The first thing to do when you want to start writing is to sit down and write. How stupid am I saying?

Not that much! Because many people want to write, but never get started. So stop the little voice that prevents you from getting into it. Sit back and write!

I have often found that the only intention of great authors is simply to sit down and let the words flow.


2 / Write a shorter book

If you start writing your first novel…

Don’t be too ambitious. Do not seek to write a bestseller, but simply a novel!

The idea of ​​writing a 500-page masterpiece can be paralyzing. Instead, write short stories or short stories. Long projects are intimidating. Start small.


3 / Build up a store of ideas

You constantly need new ideas. Write them down as soon as they come to you and use a system to manage, organize and … find them easily! I use Evernote, but use the system that will work best for you.

4 / Write regularly

Some days it’s easy to write. And others are the catamaran! The truth is that inspiration does not come on command. And if you wait to be inspired to write, you may sometimes wait a long time. So the advice I give you is to show your inspiration who is the boss!

How? ‘Or’ What ?

You simply take a sheet, a pen (or a screen and a keyboard) And you write what comes to your mind: on the little fact that occurred in your day, the baker from whom you bought your baguette a few hours before , the last joke your best friend told you…

Let go ! And I guarantee that you will gradually tame your inspiration … Remember … you are the boss!

5 / Take regular breaks

Do not work like a dog. Better to work a full hour than an entire afternoon!

Do you find what I say there odd?

Be aware that you will only be effective one third of the time spent on your novel anyway. Another third will be lost to find the concentration and the last will be disturbed by the anguish of not advancing fast enough.

The impression that will remain is that you have wasted your afternoon for 6 pages of writing!

So, write an hour and take advantage of the rest of your afternoon to experience things, meet friends, read, walk around, tinker…

If you’re the type of person who prefers to stay on your keyboard for hours, plan breaks in your writing sessions to stay “fresh”.

6 / Remove distractions

When you write, cut off all sources of distraction. There is nothing worse than interrupting your writing flow when you are fully into it.

7 / Write where others write (or work)

If you have difficulty writing, write where other people write or work. A library, for example. Because if you are in a place where other people work, you will have no choice but to do like them!

8 / Do not change as you go

Write first without judgment, you will go back and modify later. You will keep a better flow and will not be interrupted by constant criticism of your own work.

Rest assured, you will change when it is time to do so!


Here are some tips. Some are obvious … but do you still follow them?