7 Keys to apply Google Adwords in your Business

This platform allows the task of marketing to be much simpler by attracting a large number of customers to the website.
If the entrepreneur applies the visibility to the business, he will achieve more clients and have more sales. That’s why you should know what tools you need to use and what are the advantages of using them in the company.

You have to know that one of the key parts in digital marketing is search engine marketing, which is the website to easily locate when someone searches for the business in the search engines. And of course; the market is virtually monopolized by Google, which takes 95% of the search engine pie.

So, to appear in the top positions of Google in the short term, it is necessary to apply organic positioning techniques, popularly called SEO. But there is also another option to attract customers and appear in these search engines through pay- per-click programs, where the most popular is Google AdWords. These are its advantages:

1. Visibility from the first minute

There you can create marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes and appear as lightning in search results by keywords that are looking for potential customers. You should take advantage of those visits from those users to take them to pages on the website that are important to them.

2. Possibility of analyzing data

One of the advantages of online advertising over traditional advertising, is to know the impact of any campaign that takes place in the various media. So you can check the visits and sales that have been generated on the website through these actions.

In Google Adwords , knowing this information is key to knowing if the investment made with this program is generating business. This can be done easily by installing a conversion tracking code on the page that has the objective confirmation. So in the Adwords panel the behavior of the ads and keywords will be checked.

3. Knowledge of the client

With the analysis of data collected in AdWords campaigns , you will know the keywords for which you are looking for customers and which of them provide more conversions.

4. You only pay for the clicks

Another benefit of AdWords is that you will only pay for the clicks generated in the search campaigns. What differs from traditional advertising where you pay to appear in some medium, in Adwords is only going to pay for each visit that the ads bring to the website.

5. Control of the investment

In this program, you control what you want to invest from the first campaign. This allows the budget to be adapted to these actions and to check if the generated visits are being profitable. That is to say, it will serve to decide if the budget should be increased, or on the contrary, reduce it if it is paying a lot by not generating sales.

6. Segmentation of potential clients

Another great advantage of Google AdWords is to segment depending on various factors. Here you can configure your ads based on the following criteria:

So that they only appear in certain geographical areas: which is ideal for small local businesses in which the scope of getting customers can be limited by streets, districts, towns or postal codes.
For the language or other specific languages.
So that they appear in certain hours, which is very interesting for restoration businesses or fast food.

7. Remarketing, your business will look like a great company

Google to own the advertising program Google Adsense gives the possibility to any owner of a website to include ads and charge for each click generated by these ads.

This is used by Google to show the millions of websites that are affiliated with Adsense, the ads for Display campaigns , including Remarketing campaigns, which is a feature that shows ads on other websites to users who visited the web before.

In order to be open to the public, a code must be installed on the web that will work through the browsers’ cookies. Then, you must create various lists that can be the different pages or categories that the website has, for example users who added products to the cart, who bought such a product, etc. So Remarketing campaigns will be created in Adwords that will only be directed to the users that are on the lists.