7 Very Common Mistakes When Writing an Email

Email has become something that accompanies us every day, much faster than letters but not for that informal, especially if you are communicating with someone from your work. Nowadays, it seems incredible that there are still adults who fall into certain errors when writing their mails. Be careful, because any of them can be the difference between a promotion or a dislike in your job.

  1. Misusing the fields of CC and BCC. You do not always have to include copies for your superiors of everything you send to your colleagues. Before doing so, think carefully about whether it is necessary or not.
  2. An inappropriate subject phrase. The subject phrases must be concise and know how to summarize the importance of the message. Otherwise, it will be ignored.
  3. Write everything in capital letters. No matter what is urgent, you should never do this. You are not screaming It is disrespectful and leaves a very bad impression about you.
  4. Place a too flashy font. We know there are many options in your email, but leave them for when you are communicating with a friend or someone in your family. In the workplace, simple sources are the best.
  5. Put too many colors. Sometimes it is good to include one or two highlights besides black, if there is something you want to highlight in your email. But make sure they are not going to strain the view of the person who is going to read.
  6. Use a single paragraph to write everything. You have no idea how tedious it is to read so much information in one huge paragraph. Learn to structure your messages.
  7. Include several exclamation marks. It is as disrespectful as writing everything in capital letters. If you are going to communicate something urgent, just say it and that’s it.