How To Get Google Instantly Indexed your Article 1 Minute

Writing articles on a regular basis is one of the things that are important to improve website ranking. For those of you who have been doing blogging activities for a long time, you must already know the importance of this article. But there is one thing that is sometimes forgotten, namely how to quickly index Google articles.

Google has a ‘spider’ crawler robot whose job is to index the new posts in the form of article content, images, and videos. For when the arrival of crawler spider robots to the website is unpredictable, each website has a different index time. Naturally, articles on newly created websites require a longer indexing time, up to a weekly count. Posting articles on older websites requires a faster time for indexing, usually a matter of hours to days.

For those of you who want the article immediately indexed and appear on the Google search page, if you have to wait in a matter of days will definitely not be patient. Well on this occasion we have summarized how to quickly indexed Google articles in 1 minute. Also in terms of visitor traffic for websites that are already indexed, more and more visitors will find your website articles.

For those of you who want to enter the first page of Google search, this method can not be maximized, because competition on the first page of Google is quite heavy. You must learn Website SEO techniques in order to improve website ranking on the first page of Google search. If you have combined the two, then to get the first page of Google is not a difficult thing.

How to Get Quick Google Indexed Articles

Please follow the steps below to speed up the website index:

Make sure you have registered the website at Google Webmaster (Console).

The reason why I have to register articles on Google Webmaster is that Google is now the biggest contributor to traffic from the Internet. To be indexed quickly you need to register your website as soon as possible with Webmaster to be recognized by Google. This tool is free, you just need to register by preparing an email. For how to register on Google Webmaster, please follow the steps below:

1. Please access to the Google Search Console website .

2. Please log in with the Google email account you have.

3. If you have entered the Console dashboard, please select ‘Add property’.

4. Select ‘URL Prefix’, then enter the website URL and click ‘Continue’.

5. There are various verification options to choose from, but the easiest is usually to upload an HTML script file with the extension. Html to the hosting server or enter an additional HTML Tag on the website template after.

6. If you have already click ‘Verify’ and wait until it works.

7. So that the website can be indexed quickly by Google, for each new article post, please copy the URL and enter in the submit column at the top.

8. Click enter and select ‘Request Indexing’ , wait until the process is complete.

9. To check the articles have been indexed or not, please open Google Search, paste the URL of the article before the Google search column, if it appears, it means your article has been indexed by Google.

If you have registered the website to Google Console correctly, it doesn’t take long for articles to be indexed by Google. Within minutes can already appear on the Google search page.

Add a Website Sitemap

A sitemap or also called a sitemap has a function to make it easier for Google crawler spider robots to index the website. There are several sitemaps that you need to submit to Search Console including author, category, post, page and tag. Here’s how to make a website sitemap:

The first step please log in to the Search Console or Webmaster account.

When you arrive at the Console dashboard, please scroll to the middle and select the ‘Sitemap’ menu.

Please enter the ‘Sitemap URL’ on the website and verify it to succeed. If you use a WordPress SEO plugin such as Yoast SEO, this sitemap is just a matter of submitting the URL to the Console page.

Make sure everything has been submitted and the status is successful.

Step After Indexed

Many people think that after the indexed article on Google the process is complete. This is only the initial process, after this you have to do website optimization in order to compete on the first page of Google search with SEO techniques. There are many metrics that must be considered starting from keyword research, website navigation, quality content, internal links, external links and website speed.

If you have questions about how to quickly index Google articles in 1 minute please write in the comments column below.